Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weeks 5 + 6: Blur

Last weekend was ridiculous and I didn't have a chance to write a proper Week in Review, and this week was more of the same so we'll just wrap the two weeks into one post and call it a fortnight (I think that's what a fortnight is...?).

Last week and this week at work were crazy; clients signed off on tons of new work, and it is good to be busy and crazy again. Work is also getting more comfortable, as I establish relationships with various people who are integral to getting work done in the office. I can ask them to review work, for opinion, and have general conversations about client work much more confidently, so I feel much more at ease in this new work environment.

Besides this positive development at work, nothing much more is going on beyond preparing to move into my new apartment, which happens first thing Wednesday morning. In addition to my posh bed linens, I've also picked up posh organic cotton towels from the same store and an Apple Airport wireless internet router. The plan is that everything else will come from IKEA, where I will go and charge up a storm next Saturday on my brand-new British Pound Sterling currency credit card. Hopefully, they will also have a delivery service that will pick up my purchases and take them to my flat for me, otherwise it looks like Ashley and I will be tackling the tube laden down with modern Swedish furniture and home goods!

London weather has been good for a while; despite spots of rain here and there, the sun has been out and its been warm for quite a spell. Watch me jinx it and the rest of the week it will pour. But one can't quite help getting excited about the weather; when it's sunny, the city takes on a vibrancy and energy that I've never seen anywhere else before. Maybe because the rain makes everyone introspective, moody, quiet, and sullen, the sun has the opposite effect of bringing smiles to faces and springs to steps. Whatever it is, I love London in the sun; after two weekends of wonderful weather, I never want it to stop!

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