Saturday, May 10, 2008

File under: aw!

Due to the fact that I was a designer by trade and am still a designer by heart, this blog is going to feature some sweet glimpses of British design. I think a fitting start is this lovely little fish-shaped soy sauce packet included in the Sainsburys Local takeaway sushi package. I had to start with this because, yes, it's adorable, but it's also functional. How many of us purchase pre-made sushi packs at Whole Foods, a deli, etc, and struggle to open the soy sauce packet with our teeth, threatening to spill its contents all over our clothes, food, everywhere? This handy little fish has a screwtop so you can civilly pour your soy sauce into a dish and dip away. There may be some ecos out there who protest that because it is plastic the package is generating more waste, but it can't be that much more than our packets. Plus, this being England, it is probably made out of 3x post-recycled material. The essence of design: solving a problem in a simply beautiful (or whimsical, or clever) way.

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