Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Phil! (a post for my dad)

Today is my dad's birthday. Because I'm 5 hours ahead, I couldn't call him at 7AM to catch him on his commute. But I talked to him last night, and I will call him later.

Phil and I are tight, and I miss meeting him for conveyor-belt-sushi at East on 25th and 3rd. And calling him while walking down the street in New York to tell him about a ridiculous sight I've just witnessed. And hearing his commentary on New York's real estate and construction industry. And debate the merits of congestion pricing vs development.

I owe him, as well, for all of the hard labor I put him through over the last ten years, including, but not limited to: no less than 5 strenuous moves, several emotional breakdowns, and repeated pestering for him to invest in a brownstone in Brooklyn.

So here's to my dad, the coolest Dad around. I'm posting this image in his honor: it is my luggage trolley at Heathrow right before I loaded it all in a taxi. Total weight of baggage: 125 lbs, give or take 10. Yes, that is a bike on top. Dad: The trolley had better suspension than the one in Newark, but just as poor steering.

I hope you have a good day, Dad, and that you get to take some time for you. xoxoxox.

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