Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

One of the best compliments I ever received was that I am an emotional person. No need to hide it. I cry a lot – at beautiful things, at horrible things, at hilarious things. Robert DeNiro's AMEX commercials post-9/11 made me weep the first few times I saw them. So no surprise that when I read this article that Jeff sent me, I welled up.


The possibility of SEEING lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, with my favorite people in front of them, is amazing. I'm going to flip my shit when I look through that glass and see Jeff making stupid faces right back at me as if he were feet away (instead of miles across an ocean). To then look back up and see the Thames?! I think that then I will know what Alice in Wonderland was feeling: displacement and connection and a flurry of emotion.

Wheeee! I can't wait!

If anyone else wants to wave, let me know! Let's schedule a post-modern embrace!

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