Thursday, May 8, 2008

I've made it, haven't I.

Well friends, I'm here. Yes, despite the Continental check-in assistant who couldn't figure out a codeshare flight, despite having one suitcase weigh in at 77 lbs (maximum suitcase weight = 70 lbs), despite my Virgin Atlantic inflight entertainment system having 100 films loaded with incorrect titles (so that when I selected Elizabeth II, The Golden Compass started playing), despite a 1 hour delay loading baggage and a holding pattern over Heathrow, DESPITE MY TAXI DRIVER TAKING ME TO THE WRONG HOTEL (and the right hotel being shitty), I'm here in London. So far, so good. Initial thoughts: beer is cheap, regular coffee is weak, Sainsburys pre-made sushi takeaway does not compare to Whole Foods, the whole left-side-of the road-driving-business is really just ridiculous and they need to give it up, bus drivers are meaner here than New York, and otherwise its great. I have tons of pictures to post, so bear with me and I'll be making lots of posts soon. xo!


  1. d, ive always known you were a great writer and a smart lady, but your narratives are book worthy. second career maybe? :o) can't wait for the story to unfold. ~L

  2. but have you had tea with milk and sugar yet? :)